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wabi sabi relic bowls 2010

small bowls, handmade paper, wabi sabi aesthetic, weathered patina, time-worn relics from the past. more on wabi sabi bowls in my journal [blog]

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collage paintings
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papier mache nesting bowls vessels
paper mache relic bowls 2010
wabi sabi relics bowl
brown bronze patina wabi sabi old relic bowl
pale blue gold patina - papier mache weathered bowl
dark brown gold wabi sabi paper relic bowl
pale grey blue paper relic bowl wabi sabi
blue weathered wabi sabi relic art bowl
gold green handmade paper bowl
gold papier mache patina bowl wabi sabi
blue weathered patina small bowl
pale gold blue patina - wabi sabi relic bowl
dark green and gold patina small wabi sabi vessel
grey blue weathered paper bowl relic vessel
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