Abstract photography by Fine Artist Jazz Green : found paintings, aged surfaces, patinas, sublime decay, patterns of erosion, corrosion, rust, old walls, ruins, wabi sabi, natural and manmade environment.

abstract photographs 2002 - 2012 [1] [2] [3]

found paintings: natural abstraction in surface erosion, decay, slow accretion, lichens, mould, rustic, weathered, mostly found in rural east anglia...

more about found paintings in my artist journal [blog]

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FOUND PAINTINGS. Abstract photography by fine artist Jazz Green. Textures & colours of patina, rust, corrosion, decay.
found painting. fine art photography. abstract, old walls, dereliction, patina, landscape, rust and corrosion, eroded, crackled paint, weathered walls, wabi sabi art, detritus, beautiful decay.
boat - found painting, abstract photography - patinas, landscape, rust peeling paint, weathered surfaces,  sublime decay, wabi sabi in art.
Found painting. fine  art photography, colorful and abstract, of walls, weathered surfaces, dereliction, patina, overlooked landscapes, rust and corrosion, old paint, abandonment, isolation, ruins, detritus, unusual decay.
found paintings, fine art abstract photography, old buildings, graffiti, dereliction, patina, landscape, beautiful rust formations, crackling paint, weathered textured walls, ruin and decay.
fine artist - found paintings, my abstract photographs of weathered walls, old buildings, environments, of dereliction, beauty of aged patinas, the landscape, rust, watermarks, nature, effects of the weather, detritus, decay.
found painting. abstract photography, art on walls, derelict, intricate patina, dystopic landscapes, rust and old paint, weathered, worn, wabi-sabi, decay.
FOUND PAINTING. abstract photographs, artworks, dereliction, patinas, a landscape of rust - dystopia.
RUST corrosion - found paintings, abstract photographic artworks, old walls, accidental marks and graffiti, dereliction, patina, a landscape of decay.
found paintings. abstract photographs of the landscape, rust and corrosion, weathering, old ruins, decay.
found paintings, abstract fine art photographer, dereliction, patinas, metaphorical landscapes of ruin and decay.
fine artist found paintings, abstract photographic artworks, forgotten, overlooked, landscape.
found painting, fine artist, abstract photography, abstracted views of decay - apocalyptic, dystopian.
The website of British Fine Artist Jazz Green MA RCA. Abstract landscape paintings, fine art photography. All images and text copyright the artist.