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The Artist & The Photograph exhibition of photographic works by Dali, Miro, Picasso & Tapies Slick site with video
Aaron Siskind American Photographer famed for symbolic, abstract, expressionistic imagery. The Siskind Foundation website. Ignore the advertising links, see photographers listed left. There are some Brassai photographs here.
Sean Scully An internationally renowned abstract painter who has also exhibited photographs; this is an exhibition at the Jamileh Webber Gallery. The international online platform for Photography and Video Art.
Joel Sternfeld The High Line in New York, a disused elevated railroad, due for regeneration - fascinating images.
BCA Gallery contemporary, visual art, specialising in contemporary film, photography, digital media, promoting work by professional artists through a lively and challenging temporary exhibitions programme and a virtual online gallery.
Shaun O'Boyle Modern ruins: a historic and social puzzle, confused by years of decay, an archaeology of our culture.
Matt Lewis Photographs: abstract in colour, form and texture, the inherent beauty in decay and detritus - UK
Mei Jin artist photographer - from nature, beautiful still-lifes of striking power and authority - based in USA


official website british artist Jazz Green MA RCA abstract paintings, fine art. All images and text copyright the artist.