Jazz Green : Contemporary British Fine Artist. Paintings: mixed media on panel, weathered eroded surfaces, liminal abstracted landscapes, nature, time and decay, wabi-sabi rustic

saltscapes: salt of the earth, liminal landscape, coastal erosion, purifying, corrosion, commodification, enclosures, ritual, grid, square, facets, crystallising...

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textural abstract landscape paintings by British Fine Artist Jazz Green - weathered eroded surfaces, sea erosion, salt marshes, salthouse art
saltscapes, salthouse church 2009
mixed media on wood panel
100cm x 100cm
small painting on wood panel, eroded patina, seasons, time, nature
painting, landscape erosion, eroded, patina, salthouse art exhibition norfolk
gesso and mixed media on wood panel sea erosion weather time
coastal erosion, small painting on wood panel
saltscape paining on wood panel, sea, shore, waves, erosion
abstract landscape, earth, weather, coastal erosion, norfolk coast, salthouse
abstract scarred landscape, eroded, earth colours, painting on wood panel
sea horizons, coastal landscapes, earth landscape eroded, painting on wood
salthouse, art, norfolk landscape, bleak, textured, elemental, coastal erosion, painting on wood
small painting on panel - salt marsh, bog, peat fen landscape, earth colours
gesso and mixed-media on wood panel, weathering, salt sea, erosion, patina, norfolk landscape
coast eroding, nature, salt and sea, crust red earth patina, environmental textures
small painting on wood, earth colours, salt marshes north norfolk
abstract painting on panel textured earth colours, salt marshes landscape, weathered eroded
painting on wood panel - weathered eroded textures, eath colours, norfolk marsh landscapes, salthouse art
abstract painted landscapes, norfolk salt marshes, earth art colours, coastal erosion
earth art, painting on wood panel, weathered patina, salt and sea erosion
small painting on wood panel, marsh landscapes, weathered, sea salt erosion, earth muted colours - salthouse north norfolk
abstract landscape painting, norfolk salt marshes - brown earthy colours, patinas
mixed-media painting on panel, marsh landscape, eroded weathered colours
mixed-media painting on panel, sea eroded textures, norfolk saltmarsh landscapes
painting on wood, textured, marshes norfolk, muted colours and colour glazes
mixed-media abstract marshes landscape - earthy colours and textures, rust, red earth, bronze
painting on panel - north norfolk marshes - saltscapes salthouse exhibition norfolk
abstract painted landscapes norfolk, wind erosion, marshes, sea, elemental textures earth colours
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