Jazz Green : Contemporary Fine Artist. Paintings: mixed media on panel, textural explorations of surface, modern art, abstracted landscapes, sublime decay, wabi-sabi.

mixed media / paintings 2011

earth/bound: unearthed, grounded, ecology, maps. broken/relic: fragments, imperfecton, rescued. wood/shed: time in the woods, nature, decay, renewal. slow paintings: surfaces, structures, time passing...

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Contemporary mixed media abstract landscape paintings by British Fine Artist Jazz Green
earth/bound iii 2011
mixed media relief on panel, 30cm x 30cm x 5cm
earthbound, art, map, landscape, topography terrain, mixed media sculptural relief on panel
earthbound, art, abstract landscape, erosion, map, terrain, topography
earthbound artwork, art, terrain, topography, landscape, mixed media relief
earthbound, art, sculptural relief, map, terrain, topography, ecology, mixed media
earthbound, sculptural art, mixed media, relief, terrain, map, topography, erosion, earth, ecology
earth relic, art, earth erosion, decay, time textures, mixed media wall relief
earth relic, decay art, eroison, textures, wall relief, mixed media
bark, trees woodland, art, nature, decay, mixed media on wood
bark art, time, nature, environment, trees, green, decay
abstract art, painting, weathered walls, squares, old wood
abstract walls, painting, art, weathered wood
weathered wood painting, blocks
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