Jazz Green : Contemporary Fine Artist. Paintings: mixed media on panel, textural explorations of surface, modern art, abstracted landscapes, sublime decay, wabi-sabi.

paintings 2004 - 2007

surface erosion, slow decay, nature, time, imperfection, minimalist, rustic, rural, landscape elements in transition...

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100 paintings on paper 2008
saltscape woodblock paintings 2009
mixed media paintings 2008 - 2010
small works on paper / canvas 2010
mixed media works / paintings 2011
small paintings 2012
paintings 2013 - 2014
collage paintings 2015

mixed media environmental abstract paintings by British Artist Jazz Green
edgescape lichen/algae 2007
mixed media on panel, 90cm x 90cm
EDGESCAPE Meld by Jazz Green, fine artist - textural, layered, abstract landscapes, painting, mixed-media art on canvas: erosion, dereliction, decay, ruin, patinas, surface, weathered, season, lilac, grey, blue, winter, mist, fog, rain, storm, water
EDGESCAPE Rost by Jazz Green, fine artist : modern, abstract, mixed-media art, paintings on canvas: contemporary landscape, red, rust, patterns, erosion, decay, caustic, eroded, patina, textured, sublime beauty
FENN by Jazz Green, fine artist, abstraction, layered, mixed-media painting: landscape, fen, peat, earth, land, landscape, horizon
CORROS by Jazz Green, fine artist UK,  textures, abstract art, mixed-media paintings on panel: volcano, fire, eroded, rust, erosion, corrosion.
 Edgescape VODA painting by Jazz Green, fine artist, UK. Textures, abstract mixed-media painting on canvas: sea, blue colours, coastal, coast, beach, shore, waves, water, ocean, weathered surfaces, erosion
Edgescape FYRE by Jazz Green, fine artist UK. textured,layered, abstract, contemporary, modern mixed-media painting on canvas: landscape, earth, bush fire, forest fires, burnt ground, earth, heat, hot, orange, glow.
Edgescape HAZE by Jazz Green, fine artist, UK. textured abstract mixed media painting on panel: landscape city, dystopian, metal, structures, mist, fog, smog, pollution, winter
 Edgescape COSTA by Jazz Green, fine artist UK. textured abstract mixed-media painting: horizon, landscape, earth tones, coast, coastal, cliff, eroded texture
 Edgescape MIST by Jazz Green, fine artist UK. textured abstract mixed-media painting: horizon, landscape, fields, misty morning, winter, bleak, cool, frosty, frost
Edgescape MARSH by Jazz Green. Contemporary fine artist, UK. Textured abstract artwork, mixed-media textures paintings on panel: swamp, marsh, bog, peat landscape,lagoon, flood, fen, land, green, cyan, copper patina, verdant, earth colours, patinas
Edgescape LICHEN ALGAE by Jazz Green fine artist in UK. Textured, contemporary, abstract mixed-media painting on panel: of old walls, lichen patterns, landscape, landscapes, passage of time, green, verdigris patina
 Edgescape RUBEL by Jazz Green, fine artist UK. textured abstract mixed-media painting: rust, deep red earth, weathered, gold and bronze, copper, patina, surface, eroded texture
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