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Anne Stahl - Irish Artist, modern painter - abstract landscape paintings - based in the USA Anne Stahl abstract landscape painting, photography, printmaking, inspired by nature, its beauty & cruelty.
Harry Gruenert - American artist - contemporary large abstract paintings Harry Gruenert American artist - large abstract paintings, expressive, colourful, evocative surface qualities.
Bill Gingles - American artist - textured abstract art, paintings Bill Gingles American artist - mainly textured abstract works with figurative elements - paintings & works on paper.
Shawn  McNulty - contemporary american artist painter Shawn McNulty American artist - large-scale, colour-rich, geometric paintings, with texture and occasional collage
Cheryl D McClure - American abstract painter Cheryl D McClure American artist - abstract paintings, places half-remembered, imaginary and/or designed spaces.
Marilyn Kirsch - American abstract paintings Marilyn Kirsch American artist - atmospheric, gestural, poetic, abstract paintings and works on paper.
Ev Marinucci American artist - mixed-media abstract paintings on wood, exploring texture, depth of layers, solidity.
stratos fountoulis - contemporary greek artist Stratos Fountoulis Greek artist - expressive narrative, nostalgic remembrance of things passed, symbolic gestures.
Justin Maylone - contemporary American artist - abstract painting and photography Justin Maylone US artist - abstracts, the result of paint, coffee, and late nights, a wonderous mess of things.
monica aaroz - mexican artist Monica Aaroz Mexican Artist - mixed media abstract paintings with calligraphy elements and tactile textures.
Mats Reslow - fine artist - wax encaustic paintings. Mats Reslow - wax encaustics, exploring structures, contrasts, fluidity, density, the visible effects of light through pigment
British artist Jo Shepperd - modern abstracts paintings Jo Sheppard British artist - ambient, textural paintings characterised by architectural features and quality of light.
Mari French - Norfolk artist, UK Mari French British Artist - small abstract paintings, textured mixed media, inspired by Norfolk landscapes, UK
Lisa le Quelenec, british artist Lisa Le Quelenec British Artist - landscapes and seascapes in acrylics & watercolour, based on the Dorset coast, UK
Alan Richmond - Scottish artist Alan Richmond Scottish Artist - semi-abstract landsapes, acrylic & mixed media, panoramic vistas, Scottish borders
TATE Modern, Britain, St. Ives & Liverpool. View JMW Turner , Ben Nicholson and Peter Lanyon (1918-64) who forged a friendship with Rothko.
The MARK ROTHKO Chapel Situated in Houston Texas, Rothko's last major works.
The National Gallery of Art in Washington, US. Special online Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollock features at the NGA ,or peruse the Rothko archive
JMW Turner Some more Turner paintings in the National gallery, UK.
The Waddington Galleries Contemporary art by established and well known British and International Artists including Antoni Tapies.
trueFresco.Org Fresco Painting Society A site for artists designed by artists. Open invitation - upload and create your online artshow. Inlcudes an artists' forum.
Studio International UK Contemporary Art Journal. Read articles online.
The Web Museum Check out JMW Turner, John Constable and Anselm Kiefer. Or go straight to the AZ of artists index. Large visuals on his site.
The Jean Dubuffet Foundation Official site of the French artist Jean Dubuffet. Founded "Art Brut' movement with Andre Breton & others.

official website british artist Jazz Green MA RCA abstract paintings, fine art. All images and text copyright the artist.