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lichen drawings 2010

pattern/structure of lichens, originating from photographs of lichens in churchyards...

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read about my interest in lichens in my artist journal [blog]

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Lichen drawings - pen on paper - by Fine Artist Jazz Green. Works on Paper Gallery.
lichen drawings 2010
lichen drawing = pen on paper
lichen drawing - patterns of decay - pen on paper
lichen drawing = pen on paper - patterns of decay
lichen drawings - patterns of erosion, decay
lichen studies on paper - abstract - erosion, patina, patterns in nature
lichen drawing - patterns of erosion, patina, decay
lichen drawing - wall erosion, subtle textures, patterns of decay
lichen drawing - work on paper -natural erosion, patterns texture of decay in the landscape
lichen study - drawing on paper - textures of weathering and decay,the landscape
drawing of lichens - patterns of natural decay
 lichen drawing 11
 lichen drawing 12
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