Vivid impressions

Wednesday 13 September 2006

I have ten pieces currently on show at the Reunion Gallery with another artist Damian Woodford in an exhibition entitled Vivid. It was originally scheduled as a solo show of Damian’s very vibrant colour paintings, but I then had the opportunity to exhibit alongside. Our work is quite different but in many ways both are distillations of real experiences, using the pure, physical matter of paint as the primary vehicle. Vivid runs until 21st October 2006…

Edgescape #12 rost 2006

2 thoughts on... Vivid impressions

  1. Eric

    Just thought I would let you know that your work is both beautiful and inspiring. I am reminded of Mark Rothko and Joy Division. Thank you for all!

  2. Sarah

    Hi i’m an art student at leeds college of art and i am really inspired by your work, and so i chose your work as one of my artist research references, and i just wanted to know what your vivid painting collection means, what you are wanting to convey, the concept etc.

    Many thanks


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