two pebbles [a drawing]

Tuesday 20 October 2009

a drawing of two pebbles found on a solitary walk along southwold beach…

two pebbles - drawing in black pen

[drawing of two pebbles – pen on watercolour paper]

southwold beach sea suffolk coast

[looking out to sea from southwold beach, a panoramic view]

southwold - coast - foam - the north sea - sebald, rings of saturn

[the north sea waves, from southwold beach]

southwold beach - north sea, coast, wg sebald

i gazed farther and farther out to sea, to where the darkness was thickest […] for a while, the topmost summit regions of this massif, dark as ink, glistened like the ice fields of the caucasus…

w g sebald (the rings of saturn)