to broken things

Friday 12 September 2014

to broken things, collage and painting

to broken things, 2014

…is in this art exhibition:

6 – 28 September 2014
Blackthorpe Barn
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 9HZ

Open daily 10am-5pm

[why the grey? to simulate distance or detachment, reserve. i might write some more words below the line, it’s a different way of presenting things…]

2 thoughts on... to broken things

  1. Jazz

    i finished this work during the intensive daily bombing of gaza, full of utter despair at such a dreadful thing happening…and the blame game that ensued. i heard it on the radio, i did not want to see the pictures.

    so, this work seems to have evolved into the evocation of a facade, a makeshift shelter, or a fortress, or a safe lookout, on guard and prepared for action – but maybe this too literal as a possible interpretation? the news inevitably filtered in – and then out again.

  2. Jazz

    maybe unrelated, but another thought…

    i have been thinking a little about ‘zen’ – what it is and what it means (i am not sure), in relation to acknowledging my thoughts about my artwork.

    someone recently said “you think too much” and yes, i probably do, and… these thoughts (this seems like a place for them to ‘flow’) are rarely resolved. they arise, seemingly important enough to write down at the time, then all too soon fade into…i don’t know what it is…[into a sea of indifference, probably]… i can easily identify the events or things that are more than likely related to my art but cannot be sure that is what it is. it’s just the way it is…

    i think ‘zen’ is about understanding one’s own nature, allowing it to surface, conversely a release from thoughts, a sense of oneself outside of contemporary concerns [that’s freedom], but this might not make much sense [or be of much practical use] – and i might think differently [or feel differently] about things tomorrow.

    i like this quote: “Becoming ‘awake’ involves seeing our confusion more clearly” [Chögyam Trungpa]

    intrigued, i then found this one online: “When you drop your unnecessary things, you finally can swoop and fly in vast space. It is so blue, so bright, and so nice, so airy and fresh. You can stretch your wings and breathe the air. You can do anything you want. You have experienced cheerfulness and joy, and finally the bliss of freedom occurs in you.” [also Chögyam Trungpa]

    i think Bob Ross said something similar…

    [there are far too many feral quotes in the ether, context is required]

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