time frames

Friday 3 July 2015


tinkering with frames – it’s about time.

new work. titles.

words. exhibition catalogue.

thinking about other work projects in the pipeline.

time frames. time fragments…


bus station clock [look, no hands]

what time is it?

summer time.


polaroid of an amended road sign [mended]

thinking about it now, might have been the summer of 2008, maybe earlier.

it was funny at the time, but there’s no need to shout about it.

couldn’t find my way back there, tried many times in passing.

it’s not on the map. typical.


street name sign [5 march 2003]

2 thoughts on... time frames

  1. jazz

    i am working on a really simple css drop-down menu [about time!] which should free up some whitespace and make the site navigation easier… not that anyone will notice.

  2. jazz

    a little non-plussed… apparently drop-down menus are not always user-friendly.

    consulted the ‘Apple’ and they do not use drop-down menus, for a minimal light interface… and a big plus on selling products.

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