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on artworks and deckchairs

Sunday 18 April 2010

Passed by the Artworks exhibition at Wingfield Barns Arts Centre this weekend – this is firstly a shameless plug for my own work (it’s my blog after all)… but the rural setting is fabulous – nature quietly intertwined within the traces of agriculture. I like to think that my work, Farmscape II looks quite at home here…

[Farmscape II, 2010, mixed media on canvas, 60cm x 120cm]

[a detail of surface textures]

[another detail of surface textures]

Found out I had sold a couple of small paintings which was food for the soul.

There is an interesting fund-raising exhibition of art on deckchairs in the adjacent barn… some really good ones (such as Dave Mckee’s, the creator and illustrator of Mr Benn) and one or two perhaps not so good ones (technically speaking), but all will be auctioned off to raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice… My favourite was the one created by the artist Tony Casement, all sand-encrusted with little seagull footprints, a deckchair that would be least coveted by the sun-lover, in the social etiquette (or war) of deckchair and sun-lounger acquisition.  Very pleased to see that three Artworks artists have customised deckchairs in this exhibition too: Eleonora Knowland, Elaine Nason and Janet French

I wished I had stopped longer to observe and take some photographs of the old barns’ structures but I had to get back to deliver my canvas to the HWAT  Art exhibition, which opens on monday… you can read more about that particular painting, Edgescape: Fenn, here…

The Artworks‘ Spring exhibition is currently showing at the Wingfield Barns Arts Centre until 25th April 2010, open daily 10am – 5pm.

HWAT Showcase Exhibition of Art and Mini-works will be on at the Harleston Gallery from 19th April to 30th April 2010.