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on art fairs, and squares

Friday 30 October 2009

some forthcoming art events that i will be involved in, leading up to christmas…

i’ve sent in my three art postcards to The Royal College of Art’s RCA Secret 09 exhibition… but i can’t show them here as.. shhh, it’s a secret..! all the cards are for sale at £40 and the artist’s identity is only revealed after purchase. sales of the miniature artworks raises money for the RCA’s Fine Art Fund. some famous names announced as contributors to this year’s event include: grayson perry, julian opie, anish kapoor, cornelia parker and gerhard richter. according to an article in the telegraph newspaper, a damien hirst drawing from a previous RCA Secret resold for £15,600 at Sotheby’s, and a Peter Doig postcard artwork fetched £42,000.

the exhibition is open daily from friday 13 november to friday 20 november 2009, and the one-day sale of the postcards is on 21 november 2009. heavy queues are likely, and you will also have to register as an art buyer to be in with a chance of bagging a bargain basement modern masterpiece.

i was also contacted by troikaARTS (who i had not heard of before) to contribute to a similar RCA-style postcard Small Art Fair at dragon hall in norwich, 11-13 december 2009, with the mini-artworks for sale at only £11 each.

troika art postcards norwich

next month, i am contributing a couple of paintings to the NCAS Art Auction (Norfolk Contemporary Art Society), scheduled for 27 november. 50% of proceeds from sales will go towards the Sculpture for Norwich project, more details on the NCA website

targetfollowarts has invited me to participate in their Winter Art Fair at the artfactory studios on 5-6 december 2009… (i exhibited through targetfollow arts at centrepoint tower in london last year)..

the group show at southwold’s mark elliot showroom has just finished, but we will be back there exhibiting in the month of december…

lastly, with some time on my hands, i used up two cartridges of polaroids (original sx-70 film!) just to see what happened… the films were years out of date so some unexpected outcomes were likely…

sx-70 polaroid photographs
[sx-70 polaroids…]

they inspired some thoughts on how i can progress with the air/water ephemerality idea…

Robert Polidori - After the Flood - photography book
[after the flood – robert polidori…]

i finally succumbed to buying this photographic tome, after the flood by robert polidori (having borrowed it from the library)… resonant, poignant, haunting, tragic are just a few of the superlatives one could use to describe these after katrina new orleans photographs; but such words would not do them justice right now… i have read a few interviews online, polidori talking about his work – much to think about, for another time…

on bad photography

Saturday 23 May 2009

a cloud chasing day; waiting for the sun to go in

wabi sabi clouds photograph
some random photographs of tree tops taken yesterday afternoon…

wabi sabi clouds photograph

wabi sabi clouds photograph

three polaroids of clouds and treetops wabisabi
i took three polaroids of the same location, imagining them as oriental paintings…

found painting - a wall with lichen, and a spade
and i could have looked at the lichen on this wall for hours (yet another found painting)…

work on slatscapes - artwork for salthouse exhibition july 2009
and it’s work as usual on the I-XXV saltscapes paintings…