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walberswick weekend review

Friday 6 May 2016

two photographs of my work in the art exhibition at walberswick over the spring holiday weekend. i was delighted and honoured to be a guest artist in this ‘pop-up’ art exhibition in the village hall. the eight artists in the Suffolk Coastal Group Spring exhibition were: Miles Fairhurst, Jazz Green, Eveline Hastings, Glynn Hugo, Julie Noad, Anne Paton, David Riches, Helen Riches.

although my work is not specific to this picturesque and popular seaside village [fishermen’s huts, harbour, boats, the beach, sand dunes, etc], much of my work is indirectly influenced by the coast, of time and tide, and i hope it complemented the more scenic paintings on show:


the large canvas paintings date from 2004 [stratum], 2008 [voda] and 2015 [fyre] – all are from a series i have called ‘edgescapes’.

stratum [edgescape] was first exhibited at wingfield arts in the exhibition land and light in 2004, and it hasn’t been seen in public since. the smaller paintings on paper and wood panels are from 2010-2012.

all my recent work [collage] is on show at another gallery, so i selected [or is that curated?] these paintings with the hope that they would provide an interesting show of my work in this context. also nice to spend time with the other artists, also meeting & chatting with many visitors.

around 550-600 people visited the art exhibition over the three days, and the exhibition looked contemporary and inviting in the village hall. the hall is a modern, bright and spacious venue, and the professional display panels provide the perfect space transformation from hall to gallery. sunny and breezy [weather] for most of the weekend, but by monday at 6pm [when the show came down] the wind whipped and lashed, the rain pattered and pelted.


thrilled to have sold three small paintings [and some cards] in this exhibition, which [after exhibition costs] helps directly with the household bills [supplements the income from the day job/s]. there is always hope when others appreciate and find value in your work [thank you].

including the the 2004 ‘stratum‘ edgescape painting is a reminder of my journey as an artist, and my progress [or not…]  i have been feeling a little sad since the exhibition closed, for a variety of reasons… now trying to recall some of the responses to my large paintings: ‘beautiful’ and ‘evocative’ to cosmic, universal, pulsates, sensation, etc.

edges, horizons, crossings, boundaries – all visual influences and factors in daily life… also my ‘intention’ to transcend the pictorial/illusion of the surface, wanting an aesthetic not bound by a specific location or time/place ‘narrative’ – maybe in the way that painterly gestures can convey meaning beyond surface mark-making for some people.

sometimes the artist paints what they hope for, not what they have. the duties of a ‘day job’ inevitably feels like a distraction from hope – how much time is needed for hope to exist? maybe like most things, hope expands to fill the time it is given.

i am always reminded ‘to be an artist is a privilege’[1]. i need some periods of calm, maybe sought or reflected elsewhere – the why/how [maybe over time] – ‘tuning in’… self-discovery, the accumulation of wisdom and experience – you can’t emulate that… genuinely find this aspect of focusing on the ‘essence’ difficult, the thought=spaces… a phone rings, voices, more noise, no escape..

pretty sure i have painted large paintings for the types of places where i would like to live, where i imagine them to be, to be experienced – i still have some of the paintings. i would like [ideally, if i had studio space] to paint larger pictures, and follow where that leads. painting large pictures in small spaces is reflected in the work – controlled, precise, restrained..

when i’ve needed an honest/critical response to the large paintings, some people sensed hope and not despair, which is intriguing. others might blithely say ‘rothko’ [still]… in response to all of that, i am now making small intricate things [most of which are at the cork brick gallery in bungay, suffolk].

during the walberswick exhibition weekend, on a mission to purchase teabags & artisan biscuits from the village shop, i observed these scrawls on the side of a builder’s skip; another found drawing. an expression of one’s thoughts and feelings: all over the place…

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art exhibition in walberswick

Wednesday 27 April 2016


Suffolk Coastal Group – Spring Exhibition
30 April – 2 May 2016
The Village Hall
IP18 6UA

Exhibition open 10am – 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Monday.

The eight artists in the Suffolk Coastal Group Spring exhibition are: Miles Fairhurst, Jazz Green, Eveline Hastings, Glynn Hugo, Julie Noad, Anne Paton, David Riches, Helen Riches.

Paintings, Pastels, Prints and Pots. The exhibition will feature paintings, watercolours, works in pastel, drawings, original prints and ceramics.

spring exhibition: in pictures

Sunday 10 April 2016

for anyone curious, some pictures of my work in the current ‘Spring Exhibition’ at the Cork Brick Gallery in Bungay, all taken at the end of the preview evening.

i have nine new works on show (from 2016) together with recent collage artworks from 2015 and some earlier paintings. it’s interesting for myself to see my work together in this way.


clunker collage 2016 [on easel], vase of tulips and an empty wine glass on mantelpiece, farmscape canvas painting [on wall].

it is my intention that the square frames could/should be rotated, although i also like [very much] the miniature easels. the ‘white’ frames are painted a garden shade (for exterior wood) ‘pale jasmine’.


cargo, collage 2016, in ‘white’ box frame

most of these collages are created from recycled card packaging, from sweets to cosmetics: all variously painted, cut-out, folded, layered, incised, rearranged, reconfigured.


tiny arkadia 2016, painted card collage in black frame.

possibly the smallest work in the exhibition at 4cm x 4.5cm [estimated].

there are boat-like ‘ark’ shapes in the construction [thinking about life-rafts and boat-building], and also elements of trashy seaside resorts and funfair facades.


world of interiors 2014 [top] and green garden 2016 [below]

you can see a larger photograph of ‘green garden‘ on the Artworks blog.


medley of very small collages and two canvas paintings, and a vase of tulips.


rustic retreat, 2014 – in a handmade pallet-wood frame.


barn dance 2016, constructed collage, with factory farming [right].


an array of empty relic bowls. i have more. it was a last minute decision to include them in the exhibition. here is a picture of them from the studio in summer 2010:


most of the works in this exhibition are on listed the Cork Brick Gallery website.


Dee Nickerson’s display of paintings on the opposite wall/side of the gallery..


See more of Dee’s paintings at deenickerson.com.

The Cork Brick Gallery is usually open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and at other times by appointment. Telephone 01986 894873 for more information.

Spring Exhibition: Dee Nickerson & Jazz Green
8 April – 5 May 2016
Cork Brick Gallery
Earsham Street
NR35 1AG