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it's a mystery…

Friday 11 April 2014

minimalist mixed media mini-artwork, from the mysterious way of natural deterioration and decay, as observed from day to day, around my way, anyway…

mystery postcard art exhibition fisher theatre bungay 2014 - abstract art barns decay

[painting and collage on card, 22-23 march 2014]

dear reader, i created some more ‘art on a postcard’ for another fundraising art event, a mystery mini-artworks exhibition at the delightful fisher theatre in bungay, suffolk. note: it’s pronounced bun-ghee, not bun-gay, nearly rhymes with fungi. unrelatedly, i’ve seen wild fungi growing near bungay [could be a poem in the making!].

i can reveal i created this postcard for hwat‘s mystery mini-art exhibition because yesterday someone told me it had sold to a mystery buyer, which was very nice to hear (it’s all for a good cause). all the ‘mystery’ artworks are £25 and all sales proceeds will support hwat in its tenth anniversary year.

p.s. i haven’t seen any of the mini artwork postcards on show yet, otherwise i’d include a picture of the exhibition, which is in the fisher theatre’s bar/café, from 7 – 20 April 2014, open monday to saturday 10am-3pm, and from 6pm on evenings when there are music gigs, plays or films showing.