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cley 16 contemporary art exhibition

Monday 11 July 2016

four photographs i have taken at cley 16 art exhibition, on now in cley-next-the sea in north norfolk. i have three small works in this show.





cley 16 exhibition is open daily [10am – 5.30pm] throughout july to 7 august 2016.

Cley 16 Contemporary Art: In Norfolk Now
7 July – 7 August 2016
St Margaret’s Church
North Norfolk

There is also an extensive programme of events, including creative workshops, musical concerts, curator talks and seminars. Visit website for full details on the exhibition and events programme: www.cleycontemporaryart.org.

Each year, a new curator is invited to curate the show. In early 2016 Hugh Pilkington, artist, curator, critic and award-winning architect, selected seventy three artists from two hundred artist applications, which is a record number of applicants and artists for this renowned annual exhibition. Cley 16 coincides with the British Art Show 8 at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery and Norwich University of the Arts.


Wednesday 15 October 2014

outside, behind the woodshed…

fragments #1, 2014 4cm x 5cm [17cm framed]

above: hung outside on the old shed wall; and also shown below [closer]

fragments #1, 4cm x 5cm

there has been a mixed reception to the double black, an extra-deep mount with a simple black wood frame. some like it very much, others say they would prefer white. this is the very first one of a mini series, as indicated by the numbering.

fragments #1, 4cm x 5cm

it is difficult to get a good picture of this tiny collage now that it is framed behind glass.

fragments #1, 4cm x 5cm

one evening a week or so ago i was fortunate to meet some of the artists in the Norwich Twenty Group at their monthly meeting. some artists i knew, others i had not met before, a case of putting faces to names i knew only through various regional exhibitions. one of the artists there, Rory McShane, i was at college with – it’s a small world in norfolk.

it was lovely to converse with other artists, and i was encouraged by the conversations and the feedback i received on these very diminutive works [which i took along as some examples of recent work]. it’s good to go outside and visit places, meet new faces. i also visited the Cambridge City [contemporary] Art Fair, which was an eye-opener. now i feel a little like an outsider again…

i also have a thing about sheds, inside and outside, partly because i am missing one…

this appears to be the only photograph i have taken when making these miniature collages, shown stacked-up on the makeshift shelf in my art studio during the summer. is small the new big? i think so…

i have written more words about these very small ‘fragment’ collages in the previous posts, fragments of fragments [20/09/14] and fragments [17/09/14] – my random night-time and early morning thoughts are sometimes found in the comments section.