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two more paintings, unwrapped

Saturday 3 December 2011

two very small abstract paintings on canvas, created especially for the harleston gallery’s christmas art exhibition (see more small paintings created for this art show in the previous post)…

textures stripes square abstract painting - red, black, grey white striations

this is a very small painting measuring about 12cm square, in oxide orange-red, black, brown, grey and white textural striations. the subtly layered, mostly neutral hues (aside from the wide band of red) suggest muted elements of winter with a seasonal accent of red. at first, i wanted to call this canvas ‘brickish’ as i liked the sound of the word (but i am not sure it even exists), but i have decided to name it ‘redland’, because i was also thinking of greenland (where some believe santa claus lives)

square abstract painting - red, black, grey white strata stripes

[redland, 2011]

textures stripes square abstract painting - red, black, greys, white textured striations

more rustic minimalism, with a more neutral palette of colours… textured, weathered stripes in dark brown-black, putty, grey blue, white and light grey. this small, square canvas also measures about 12cm square and its title is ‘barnwood’….

small abstract painting, barnwood - blue grey, brown and white textured stripes

textures stripes square abstract painting, barnwood - greys, brown, light blue-grey, white striations

[barnwood, 2011]

square abstract paintings stripes

click to see more small abstract paintings in the harleston gallery’s christmas exhibition

if you live in norfolk (or suffolk), do visit out the harleston gallery, as there is an abundance of unique art & handmade crafts to browse, from small paintings and prints to ceramics, textiles and jewellery. they have a lovely café too. i thoroughly recommend the greek walnut cake with cinnamon syrup – it was delightful!

harleston gallery christmas show, 1 – 24 december 2011, harleston gallery, norfolk

unwrapped, art for christmas

Sunday 27 November 2011

a short while back i was invited to contribute some small art for a christmas exhibition.

two very small abstract paintings on canvas, strata stripes

so, i made these, especially… diminutive free-standing square abstracts on canvas, which will be in the 2011 christmas art exhibition at the harleston gallery.

last year’s bumper christmas show was a great success, despite the hard times, perhaps because it was a welcoming, dynamic & eclectic mix of mostly small art without the usual detached sparseness of most art exhibitions (much as i like minimalism). there is also a communal spirit among local artists and it feels like a collaborative celebration of our efforts – and to exhibit work with artists who have become friends is always nice.

below are a few more pictures of the very small square abstracts. i enjoyed creating these small abstracts, a return to a minimalist-style interaction of colours, stripes and textures – even though i am now pursuing more naturalistic elements in my current work.

i have painted the sides & edges of the canvas white which gives the illusion of a frame, in contrast to the ‘wrap-a-round-the-sides‘ method i previously utilised in the icons series of small abstracts. so, i’m affectionately calling these small abstracts unwrapped art for christmas. the paintings measure about 11cm x 11cm, (they are now at the gallery, ready for the opening of the exhibition later in the week)…

small abstract painting on canvas, mustard yellow brown blue copper stratas

i would describe these striated colours as parchment, copper, darkest blue-black, light bark brown & mustard yellow ochre, which are framed by the matte white edges of the block canvas…

small abstract painting on canvas, ochre mustard brown blue-black strata stripes

this could be an abstract landscape, it could be something else, it’s the relationship of colours that i like (which do arise out of the landscape) but i often change my mind which way they should stand – but i think that’s ok…

small abstract painting on canvas, copper, brown, ochre yellow stripes

and yes, this small canvas does have a title….

small abstract painting on canvas, red, sand, ochre, gold strata stripes

on this second canvas, there are textured striations of a dark walnut brown-black, pale sand-stone, dark red & orange. below are the two small canvases pictured side by side, once again. i wish i had more time to make more mini-art…

small abstract paintings on canvas, red, sand, ochre, brown, copper gold, strata stripes

i think artists can be forgiven for partaking in the seasonal spirit of showing & selling at christmas art exhibitions. art will always make a unique & lasting gift, it obviously supports artists in what they do but it also benefits independent, local businesses in the process. so, art is for always really, not just for christmas.

i also have some work in the christmas exhibition at the reunion gallery (details below). it seems that mixed or group exhibitions ebb and flow with the seasons, with christmas often the busiest time…

christmas show, 1 – 24 december 2011, harleston gallery, norfolk

a touch of frost, to 24 december 2011,  reunion gallery, felixstowe, suffolk

harleston gallery, christmas art exhibition

reunion gallery, christmas art exhibition

the bumper christmas art show

Friday 5 November 2010

400+ affordable artworks by 40 artists… here are some pictures from the current exhibition at the harleston gallery…

harleston gallery - christmas art show 2010 - affordable art by east anglian artists

the warm colours and energetic brushwork in this small painting in the downstairs café gallery immediately caught my eye: ‘willow tree’ by the notable painter gill levin, oil on board. gill levin trained at the chelsea school of art and was taught by the artist prunella clough. gill is also a well-respected and nationally known jazz musician – perhaps that musical influence is evident in her painting style…

as you will see, the walls are filled with art of all styles and genres: nature studies, urban scenes & rural landscapes, bold, expressionistic works in oils & acrylics, surreal & refined portraits, mixed media pop pieces & geometric abstracts on paper and canvas… on the shelf above is displayed a row of small, decorative pots by the acclaimed ceramicist clive davies

just around the corner is a large, impressive landscape painting by norfolk artist david page, ‘ploughed field at gudja, malta‘, oil on canvas. page’s more recent works depict the working patterns of an agricultural landscape, a pictorial history of the land keenly observed on the norfolk suffolk border. below this painting is a series of small ink & acrylic paintings by the very collectible artist dee nickerson, nickerson’s colourful, narrative paintings convey with a gentle humour aspects of life in the countryside and all its inhabitants…

a small corner in one of the upstairs galleries…

centre left is a very intricate, stitched textile work by christina greathead, which seems to reference biomorphic or water-like forms. just glimpsed to the right are some very quirky & humorous mosaic wall-pieces by the artist jayne wurr – the large mirror above the fireplace is a stunning work of supremely-crafted kitsch. wurr’s close attention to colour, pattern and structure is much influenced by her previous background as textile designer…

i like the sombre, muted hues in this small, delicate painting, ‘water lilies‘ by miles fairhurst, oil on canvas. fairhurst is very well known for his atmospheric, east anglian landscape scenes, much inspired by the victorian painter edward seago. fairhurst’s paintings have been widely exhibited & collected, in the uk and internationally…

a wall of mosaic pieces by the artist bazil leith. classical roman & byzantium influences hybridize with more arcane & pop imagery in these works. bazil has a distinguished background in the commercial art world, having been the original prop maker, animator and director for the wombles & paddington bear, amongst others…

another gallery wall chock-full of paintings, prints & drawings, in the adjacent upstairs gallery…

even the humble stairwell has some art on the walls…

everything on view, naturally enough, is for sale and any artwork can be purchased and taken away immediately – perhaps some of these have already sold..?

did i mention i have some artwork in this exhibition too? a few collagraph prints, some small framed paintings on paper and a couple of larger works on canvas – but this is not just about me…

there’s wall to wall art in a range of sizes, formats and media, with styles & prices to suit every possible taste & budget – a required christmas shopping experience for both the discerning art collector and for anyone with that difficult to buy for relative or friend… all works on view are original artworks which have been created solely by the artist; there are no giclée or mass reproduction prints here…

there is much more to see and you are warmly invited to just gaze for a while but perhaps you might also be tempted to buy – it’s art that’s just in time for christmas, but also art that’s not just for christmas… this bumper art exhibition is up until christmas eve…

bumper christmas art show
over 400 affordable artworks by forty regional artists
at the harleston gallery, norfolk

5 november to 24 december 2010