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spring exhibition: in pictures

Sunday 10 April 2016

for anyone curious, some pictures of my work in the current ‘Spring Exhibition’ at the Cork Brick Gallery in Bungay, all taken at the end of the preview evening.

i have nine new works on show (from 2016) together with recent collage artworks from 2015 and some earlier paintings. it’s interesting for myself to see my work together in this way.


clunker collage 2016 [on easel], vase of tulips and an empty wine glass on mantelpiece, farmscape canvas painting [on wall].

it is my intention that the square frames could/should be rotated, although i also like [very much] the miniature easels. the ‘white’ frames are painted a garden shade (for exterior wood) ‘pale jasmine’.


cargo, collage 2016, in ‘white’ box frame

most of these collages are created from recycled card packaging, from sweets to cosmetics: all variously painted, cut-out, folded, layered, incised, rearranged, reconfigured.


tiny arkadia 2016, painted card collage in black frame.

possibly the smallest work in the exhibition at 4cm x 4.5cm [estimated].

there are boat-like ‘ark’ shapes in the construction [thinking about life-rafts and boat-building], and also elements of trashy seaside resorts and funfair facades.


world of interiors 2014 [top] and green garden 2016 [below]

you can see a larger photograph of ‘green garden‘ on the Artworks blog.


medley of very small collages and two canvas paintings, and a vase of tulips.


rustic retreat, 2014 – in a handmade pallet-wood frame.


barn dance 2016, constructed collage, with factory farming [right].


an array of empty relic bowls. i have more. it was a last minute decision to include them in the exhibition. here is a picture of them from the studio in summer 2010:


most of the works in this exhibition are on listed the Cork Brick Gallery website.


Dee Nickerson’s display of paintings on the opposite wall/side of the gallery..


See more of Dee’s paintings at deenickerson.com.

The Cork Brick Gallery is usually open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and at other times by appointment. Telephone 01986 894873 for more information.

Spring Exhibition: Dee Nickerson & Jazz Green
8 April – 5 May 2016
Cork Brick Gallery
Earsham Street
NR35 1AG

hideout [in the sticks]

Saturday 23 January 2016

news: i have three small framed collages in the Cork Brick Gallery.

Cork Brick Gallery and Antiques
6 Earsham Street
NR35 1AG
Tel: 01986 894873

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm.

many thanks to Ken for the opportunity to show some of my new pieces in the gallery.

hideout [in the sticks] 2015, 74mm x 83mm

still in the sticks, on a light switch, a work-in-progress.

most of these constructed / collaged pieces have been displayed on various light switches around the house [prior to being framed in small black boxes, as required for exhibitions].

back to collage: casual throwback to 1996 [possibly 1995].

up the creek:

still have this small piece of work [somewhere in the house]. dreaming about ‘little house on the prairie’, even then.

[to be continued]

news recap: i have three small framed collages in the Cork Brick Gallery.

red brick bricolage 2015, 69mm x 78mm

Cork Brick Gallery and Antiques
6 Earsham Street
NR35 1AG
Tel: 01986 894873

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm.

exhibition at aldeburgh gallery : britten centenary

Wednesday 20 November 2013

ahoy there..! after being all at sea for a while, it was nice to be invited to contribute some small artworks for a group exhibition at the aldeburgh gallery, buoyantly entitled britten’s birthday bonanza, which opens later this week on the special occasion of the britten centenary celebrations this weekend – as friday 22nd november 2013 is the centenary of the birth of internationally acclaimed composer benjamin britten.

the exhibition, britten’s birthday bonanza, will feature recent work by three artists: sara johnson (watercolour paintings), gill levin (oil paintings) and chris mound (woodcut prints), alongside a selected exhibition of small artworks by artists associated with the art collective HWAT.

Britten’s Birthday Bonanza
21st – 27th November 2013
Aldeburgh Gallery
143 High Street
IP15 5AN

aldeburgh has become synonymous with the life & work of benjamin britten, a lasting legacy of international cultural importance to a once small fishing town on the suffolk coast – and a boon to local trade & tourism.

a leisurely stroll from the car park situated next to maggi hambling’s scallop sculpture (created in response to britten’s peter grimes) along the shingle beach is an idle pleasure later rewarded by the finest fish & chips to be purchased at the very other end of town… never one to push the boat out…

the liminality of sea, shoreline and shingle, a sliver of silver-green sea glinting in sunlight, or the percussive crashing of the waves, rain strumming over the marshes, the dramatic ever-changing skies, all nature’s moody atmospherics, playing out a performance indifferent to us…

benjamin britten was born in lowestoft, further up the suffolk coastline (his childhood home is now a fashionable B&B), and after studying & working in london and travelling to america, he later settled in aldeburgh with his artistic muse & partner, the singer peter pears (their final home, the red house, is now the location of the britten-pears foundation).

in 1948, with the support of peter pears and the writer eric crozier, britten established the aldeburgh festival, an annual event which attracted musicians and performers from far and wide. in 1967 the festival relocated to more spacious surroundings in the conversion of a former maltings building in the nearby village of snape. the new concert hall was officially opened by queen elizabeth II, who later returned to reopen it in 1970 after a fire destroyed the concert hall in 1969 just before the opening of that year’s festival.

the snape maltings complex is now the centre of aldeburgh music: a year-round programme of concerts and performances in tandem with a creative support and education programme for performers and musicians. snape is also the location of the snap art exhibition, and there are some impressive outdoor sculptures too (as written about previously).

suffolk was a source of much creative inspiration to britten; places of significance to britten’s music are included this interactive map of britten. there is more information about benjamin britten, peter pears and the special britten centenary celebrations at these websites:

Britten-Pears Foundation: http://www.brittenpears.org/

Aldeburgh Music’s Britten Centenary: http://www.brittenaldeburgh.co.uk/

BBC Radio & TV programmes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/search?q=britten

BBC Radio 3’s Britten Centenary weekend:

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:

[Ariel’s Song, The Tempest, William Shakespeare]