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Frugal measures

Sunday 22 January 2006

A new year should signify new beginnings, keeping resolutions, such as maintaining this online artist journal. It has instead instigated the rough discipline of a period of frugality. I’ve spent the last few days drawing my thoughts on how to utilise all the oddments of calico, string, wire, wood and board stored in the shed, in response to the many who say I should explore more sculptural or ceramic methods…

sketchbook drawings 1

I’ve kept most offcuts of board and they have begun to bow with damp. I was quite taken by their gentle curves laid out in a row, all identical in size. Their contours instigated these drawings.

sketchbook 2

More contours and curves!

sketches of ideas

I’m still obsessed with squares, since they present obvious relationships in overall structure, though the previous drawings were an attempt to move towards a new format.


A combination of squares and curves -here I was thinking of ways to extend outwards or around without it becoming three- dimensional, to retain the framing format of the rectangle.

I’m currently quite frustrated by the restrictions laid upon me , but I am hoping that some good will come of being ever resourceful. When the chickens came into lay (in the midst of the frost and snow) it seemed that I too was entering a period of embryonic renewal. Holding a freshly laid, still warm egg in my palm, with snow all around, I marvelled at its elegant design and perfect symmetry- all the more beautiful for being such a simple and prosaic object. I’ve also begun an obsessive interest in composting, and I am not sure if this has had (or will have) any bearing on the development of my work. This year, I’ve committed myself to overseeing this organic process of turning vegetable garbage into fresh compost for my seedlings and plants, by purchasing a giant hexagonal bin made of recycled plastic – an unashamedly environmental measure. All of which leads me to think – I need to crack on with utilising the remnant materials and in the process of being practical and thrifty, nurture something new.

P.s. I’ve had three works selected for the Byard Art Open, details of exhibition to follow shortly…