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Friday 13 February 2015

six and seven [or seven and six]…

makes thirteen:


rustic abstract fragments art collage on square card
fragments #19, 2014: £15
collage on black card, 41mm x 39mm, card 15cm x 15cm, with gold envelope


rustic abstract fragments art collage on square card
fragments #22, 2014: £15
collage on black card, 40mm x 43mm, card 15cm x 15cm, with gold envelope


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two-up, two-down

Friday 16 January 2015

i have been looking at these two paintings [or rather, the photographs of them]

two reds, 2008-2011, gesso and acrylic painting on plywood

two rusty oranges

to broken things, 2014, painting and collage on constructed panel

you see, dear reader, i have a new printer and it has inspired me to sort through many pictures and photographs for a new ‘inspiration’ wall, after removing the large parallel motion drawing board from my studio to free up some wall space. i have pinned up an old sheet and i will paste everything i like and find interesting on it. it is a very large collage of things.

in the process of moving art-related stuff around, i found this old canvas: one of my ‘farmscape‘ abstract paintings from 2010. how time flies…

[farmscape ix, 2010, acrylic on canvas]

i still have this series of paintings. i have put five of them on bigcartel. there are ten farmscape canvases; the original plan was for twelve canvases.

i have just started a new art commission for a large grid-based artwork, and have twenty two small woodblock paintings on the go. this is a great studio project for the start of a new year.

i also visited the ‘cut open’ art exhibition [i missed the preview event]. i enjoy seeing other artists’ work in this community context without hierarchy or pretension. the exhibition is expertly organised and hung – there’s a genuine spirit of the ‘open’, sensitively grouping artworks together with a similar subject matter or visual aesthetic. the exhibition space is also wonderful [an old maltings building]. more people should visit this exhibition. the exhibition is on until saturday, 17 january 2015.

there are hundreds of paintings on show, some sculpture, also drawings, prints, photography, collage and mixed media art.

in the picture above are three of my tiny framed ‘fragments’ alongside the work of other artists. i love white walls.

i have posted more photographs of the exhibition in the previous blog post on this exhibition, which closes tomorrow, saturday 17 january 2015.

two reds

Saturday 1 November 2014

two reds, in black and white; more collage fragments…

fragments collage 53

fragments #53, painted paper and card collage on watercolour card, 38mm x 43mm

fragments collage 06

fragments #06, painted paper and card collage on black card, 45mm x 45mm

a barn, a door, one red

or a cottage blushing pink

old shacks, one shed

shapes into things, i think…