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buy none, get another one free!

Friday 21 September 2012

introducing another very small drawing on a postcard art giveaway – it’s free art for a friday, or #FAFAF..!

art drawing postcard prize draw
[untitled drawing on a postcard, 10.3cm x 14.5cm]

this small drawing on a postcard is closely related to the previous small drawing on a postcard art giveaway. there are/were three postcard drawings; i think i will be keeping one.

read about the previous art giveaway here…

free art drawing postcard

to be in with a chance to acquire this very small (untitled) drawing on a postcard, all you have to do is leave your name & a short message in the comments section below.

art drawing on a postcard

this very small drawing on a postcard art giveaway closes at midnight on sunday 30th september 2012. the draw will take place on monday 1st october 2012.

as previous postcard art winners will testify, i will send the postcard free in the UK. however, if you live abroad (ie, outside the UK) then a small monetary donation will be required to cover airmail postage, should you decide to enter this art giveaway and subsequently win!

i asked google: how much would it cost to send Airmail a postcard (carefully wrapped inside an envelope) weighing around 20-30g? Europe: £1.28 or 1.60 EURO; USA: £1.90 or  $3.09 USD; Australia $2.95 AUD. surface mail (by land and sea) is cheaper (and perhaps slightly greener?) at £1.31 or $2.12 USD. surface mail is “an economical service for items that don’t need to reach their destination quickly.”

thank you for reading, and good luck…

buy none, get one free : winner!

Saturday 1 September 2012

art drawing on postcard
[drawing on a postcard, rotated]

last week i announced i would be giving away this small ink and acrylic drawing – yes, a super-saving summer offer of buy none, get one free!

thank you to those who expressed an interest in this ‘doodle’ drawing by leaving a comment.

[click to view larger]

with just four names in the ‘hat’, the draw for the above drawing on a postcard (using random.org’s list randomiser) took place today (saturday) at 5.30pm (16.30 GMT).

so, without further ado, the result of this not-very-big draw is as follows:


so, congratulations to lisa! and commiserations to the others – but there will be another postcard art giveaway very soon…

lisa is also an artist and has a very fine blog called seaside studios – go visit to see some wonderfully atmospheric paintings of the sea, serene shorelines and dramatic skies.

thank you all :-)

buy none, get one free!

Saturday 25 August 2012

art drawing postcard
drawing on postcard, acrylic, ink and pen on heavy duty card, 104mm x 147mm [click image to view larger]

this drawing on a postcard is from a while back, originally drawn for the RCA secret exhibition in november 2010, but i didn’t send it. the art postcards i sent instead can be seen here: some secrets revealed

this postcard drawing was probably influenced by some of my pen & ink drawings based on lichens, although this particular drawing is all made up – it’s another doodle, really

art drawing on postcard
[drawing on postcard, rotated]

anyhow, i have decided to give this small drawing away to anyone who quite likes the look of it – whatever it is. i will post it to anywhere in the UK (with a first class stamp) and maybe to the USA too (although last time it took two months for a postcard to arrive in memphis). it’s been nearly two years since the last art giveaway of three postcards – back then it was winner takes all!

this is a special holiday giveaway as this weekend is a bank holiday weekend in the UK (monday is the bank holiday) and it’s our last public holiday before christmas, although we did get spoilt with an extra day with the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations.

as with the previous postcard art giveaways, just leave a message below (nb. your email is not shown after commenting but it is required to authenticate the comment, to avoid it being treated as spam)

this postcard art giveaway closes on 31st august 2012 (next friday)

thanks :-)