Sunday 24 May 2015

i attended an art photography workshop a few weeks back. we were asked to bring one or two paintings to take pictures of, and i took along this small painting…

sea shore waves surf surfing painting

i used daylight studio lights and reflectors to take this picture [with a camera on a tripod!], and i was also guided in some post-processing in photoshop [i have only cropped it as it came out pretty close, i think – well, i took quite a few test shots to try out some camera settings].

i selected this small painting for the workshop because there are no obvious figurative elements and the colours are quite dark and muted, and i thought this would present a good challenge from which to learn a few things.

this painting is one of my many experiments at painting a sense of the sea, and it makes me think about surfing and pictures of the inside of waves, as there is no shoreline or horizon to orientate it. it is quite disorientating [to me now] as i was trying to evoke a sense of movement and depth, emerging and submerging, crashing waves, under water, or resurfacing – all on a flat surface – and i’m not sure that it really ‘works’ – it could be anything [the allure of painterly abstraction] – but i gave it a shot anyway.

i think i was feeling quite depressed at the time of painting it.

4 thoughts on... surfing

  1. jazz

    just been out surfing on the web…

    curious to find some surfing inside the waves photos, led to some surfing slang, and i discover that the ‘tube’ inside a large wave is called the ‘green room’.

    feel quite giddy just thinking about that sensation.

  2. jazz

    originally thought about ‘surf’ as a possible title, but now ‘surge’ and ‘swell’ spring to mind [sounds], but since it is an experimental painting it does not need a title.

  3. jazz

    i was just thinking about the euphemism “the black dog” in relation to the local legend of “the black shuck”.

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