sunday sketchbook

Sunday 27 September 2009

on the drive home, i stopped in a scrubby overgrown lay-by to sketch for a while… using my handbag-sized sketchook, it’s only 14cm x 10cm (as you can see from the pen in the photograph)… i used an indelible waterproof fineliner pen, which requires a certain discipline in drawing… no erasing and no smudging for softer tones…

sketchbook drawing - looking across field, pen on paper
[sketchbook… view through a gap in the hedge…]

sketchbook drawing - looking down country lane, pen on paper
[sketchbook… looking down the lane…]

sketchbook drawing - corner of field with trees and ditch
[sketchbook… corner of field with trees and ditch]

there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for this activity; they are not preliminary studies… i am finding this type of drawing very therapeutic, de-stressing, a moment of peace and calm, quiet me time… perhaps it is the lead-in i need into doing some etchings…

next week, i hope for more unsettled weather… i want to hone my skills in drawing clouds