square eyes

Thursday 26 November 2009

I am putting these four small postcard-sized collages into the postcard art exhibition troika 8..

troika 8 - norwich - postcard art fair

and here they are, at just about life size..

troika 8 postcard

postcard collage art

troika 8 collage art postcard

postcard art

each are about 9cm square within the postard format.. the scans came out a little darker than hoped for; there is no black, it’s a mix of prussian blue, burnt umber, and some phthalo blue with ochre, gold and white.

took quite a while over these; they are collaged papers, cut-up into strips, re-collaged, cut-up and recombined again.

they will be a snip at just £11 each at the troika 8 postcard fair, at the dragon hall in norwich, 11-13 december 2009..

i bought a ridiculously large book from a secondhand bookshop, rembrandt’s eyes by simon schama, also a snip at £10.. i’ve read an excerpt, it will probably take me a year to read from cover to cover..