spring exhibition: in pictures

Sunday 10 April 2016

for anyone curious, some pictures of my work in the current ‘Spring Exhibition’ at the Cork Brick Gallery in Bungay, all taken at the end of the preview evening.

i have nine new works on show (from 2016) together with recent collage artworks from 2015 and some earlier paintings. it’s interesting for myself to see my work together in this way.


clunker collage 2016 [on easel], vase of tulips and an empty wine glass on mantelpiece, farmscape canvas painting [on wall].

it is my intention that the square frames could/should be rotated, although i also like [very much] the miniature easels. the ‘white’ frames are painted a garden shade (for exterior wood) ‘pale jasmine’.


cargo, collage 2016, in ‘white’ box frame

most of these collages are created from recycled card packaging, from sweets to cosmetics: all variously painted, cut-out, folded, layered, incised, rearranged, reconfigured.


tiny arkadia 2016, painted card collage in black frame.

possibly the smallest work in the exhibition at 4cm x 4.5cm [estimated].

there are boat-like ‘ark’ shapes in the construction [thinking about life-rafts and boat-building], and also elements of trashy seaside resorts and funfair facades.


world of interiors 2014 [top] and green garden 2016 [below]

you can see a larger photograph of ‘green garden‘ on the Artworks blog.


medley of very small collages and two canvas paintings, and a vase of tulips.


rustic retreat, 2014 – in a handmade pallet-wood frame.


barn dance 2016, constructed collage, with factory farming [right].


an array of empty relic bowls. i have more. it was a last minute decision to include them in the exhibition. here is a picture of them from the studio in summer 2010:


most of the works in this exhibition are on listed the Cork Brick Gallery website.


Dee Nickerson’s display of paintings on the opposite wall/side of the gallery..


See more of Dee’s paintings at deenickerson.com.

The Cork Brick Gallery is usually open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, and at other times by appointment. Telephone 01986 894873 for more information.

Spring Exhibition: Dee Nickerson & Jazz Green
8 April – 5 May 2016
Cork Brick Gallery
Earsham Street
NR35 1AG

4 thoughts on... spring exhibition: in pictures

  1. Jazz

    many people attended the special preview evening.

    i was happy to be invited to contribute some new work to the spring exhibition by the gallery owner, and he has presented my work very effectively – many thanks all round.

  2. Jazz

    from The Mall Galleries website >> Open Exhibitions >> Why Submit to an Open Exhibition

    Several of Britain’s leading national art societies host their Annual Open Exhibitions at Mall Galleries, London.
    Non-member artists may submit their work, which, if accepted, will be hung in the Annual Exhibition alongside work by the well-established member artists.

    There are few British artists of note who have not at one time or another been involved with the societies, with past presidents, members and exhibitors including Degas, Bomberg, Sickert, Whistler, Nash and John Singer Sargent, to name but a few. To this day, the Annual Exhibitions – which are widely admired as showcases for the best new work by living artists – attract the finest contemporary artists, prizegivers, art enthusiasts and collectors from across Britain and beyond.

    Why submit?
    Opportunity to exhibit at a prestigious gallery in the heart of London, alongside well-established artists
    Have your work seen by thousands of visitors, including VIP guests
    Chance to sell your work to buyers and collectors
    Opportunity to win prizes and awards
    Have your profile raised through the media coverage the exhibition generates
    If selected, you and a guest will be invited to attend the exclusive Private View
    Having work accepted adds provenance to the artwork, as it will be catalogued and added to archives for generations to come.


  3. Jazz

    exhibition news update: think CBG have sold 2-3 small framed works, and a small painting not listed on the CBG website.

    genuinely thrilled about tiny ‘arkadia’ making an impression in the world – maybe a little sad too, precious piece = something to reflect upon in the future…

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