rca secret exhibition 2010

Thursday 7 October 2010

this week i spent part of an afternoon creating some new postcard-sized artworks especially for the rca secret exhibition.

rca secret is an annual exhibition of original art on postcards donated by the great and the good, invited international artists, current students, graduates & alumni of the royal college of art.

of course, i cannot show you any photographs of the postcards i have made as the artworks’ creators must remain a secret during the exhibition and the artist’s name is only revealed after purchase.

however, i can show you some of my previous contributions to this annual event.

rca secret 2004 original art postcards - jazz green
[rca secret 2004, mixed media collage on postcards]

rca secret 2005 original art postcards - jazz green
[rca secret 2005, wax encaustic on postcards]

rca secret 2006 original art postcards - jazz green
[rca secret 2006, acrylic & ink on postcards]

you can see last year’s rca secret postcards here, which i completed during a period of cloud watching and drawing, hence no abstraction…

all of the postcards in the 2010 rca secret exhibition will also be viewable online in the run up to the grand sale day in mid november although you will have to register to buy.

the rca secret exhibition is attended by thousands of people hoping to obtain an original work of art for less than £50 with queues going around the block on the final sale day. monies raised go towards the royal college of art’s fine art fund…