one thought on... painting

  1. Jazz

    the stand that this painting is standing on is [was] an edwardian washstand. unfortunately, it was left outside a little too long and many days of rain penetrated the joints and it skewed out of alignment, and then broke into many pieces without much physical exertion = oops! some parts for firewood maybe. the panel sections i will keep, i think the washstand is made of teak [or mahogany?] and i could use them for painting on – motivated by this calamity! keeping the doors ‘as is’, they have nice handles… and all this happened because i wanted my rustic ‘little house on the prairie’ log bench in the kitchen. the bench is about forty years old and still pretty robust, just had to fix the base of one of the legs with an empty tin can to stop it wobbling. the rustic bench seat has character and a personal back story.

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