painting practice

Wednesday 30 April 2014

[painting sketchbook, 18 april 2014]

over the easter holiday break i started a new [larger] sketchbook and practiced some painting. these studies are my practice paintings. this painting looks like it could be a path through to a woodland glade.

paint what you see; paint what you feel; paint what you like;

or paint like no-one’s watching…

2 thoughts on... painting practice

  1. Jazz

    some advice on the correct usage of ‘practice’ and ‘practise’ (in british english): similar to advice (noun) and advise (verb)

    so, in this example, it should really be: i ‘practised’ some painting; with practice the paintings might get better.

    i will take further advice on this matter because it can be confusing…

  2. Jazz

    scratch that [paintwork]… in critical art world terms, the contemporary practice of painting is referred to as ‘praxis’ – eg. the theory and praxis of contemporary painting

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