on trees, and water

Monday 27 July 2009

some new sketchbook drawings of trees… this time in graphite stick… so much quicker to work with.. less refined, but more responsive to the movement (and sounds) of trees, and the nearby water…

sketchbook drawing of ivy roots on tree trunk

ivy growing on a tree trunk

fallen branch of tree

fallen dead branch of a tree (with diagram)

sketchbook - bent willow by riverbank

bent willow tree at the river

drawing, sketchbook - looking up at tree

looking up at a tree

drawing of dead tree trunk

dead stump of tree

twisted branches of a tree

twisted branches of a tree

more branches of trees - a drawing in sketchbook

more tree branches

twisted branch of tree - a sketch

twisted, bent branch of a tree

sketchbook drawing of tree and moss covered bark

moss & lichen-covered, stripped bark

intersecting broken branches of trees

snapped, broken branches of a tree

detail of bark texture - willow tree

the rippled, twisted textured bark of this old willow reflects the gentle movements of the nearby lake…

ripples on the surface of lake water

detail of water ripples on the lake…

surface of lake - water ripples

another shot of the same lake… maybe this is a little too reminiscent of vija celmins?… but that’s how it was, just water, at 6.24pm…

i have become immersed in structures, natural surfaces, the patterns, the details, but critical reflection requires some distance, a detachment from objectification… on the cycle ride home i remembered a lecture i went to, by the sculptor richard deacon… talking of natural elements, repetition, rhythm, overlap, edge, pattern, flow, movement, flux, turbulence, the dynamics of change…

leading to the elemental, scientific drawings of leonardo da vinci

leonardo da vinci - deluge drawing

A deluge c.1517-18, by Leonardo da Vinci [Royal Collection, Windsor Castle]

[to be continued…]

the salthouse 09 : salt of the earth art exhibition continues at salthouse church, norfolk… salthouse 09 : 2 july to 2 august 2009