on looking, and lichen

Tuesday 15 December 2009

is it worth striving for a pure aesthetic in art, an art without social commentary, irony or wit? an aesthetic experience is an object or scene which is pleasing to look at, it appeals to the senses, it intrigues us, its material form or structure is naturally harmonious, it is complete in itself,  we connect with it and it connects with us, it requires a slow, uninterrupted gaze to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

when the object of the gaze has no intrigue or mystery, no complexity, no desire to know more about its form or nature, no need to look a little longer than usual, to learn a little more about its making, then it does not have the capacity to be interesting, or to be beautiful..

artists by their inquisitive nature will look more intensely at things, it’s the primary source of ideas, from looking comes thoughts and responses which inspire ideas, and in the stillness of looking, all manner of beauty can be found.

whether looking closely or gazing afar, time seems to slow down.. a moment of clarity, devoid of practicality, purpose or reason, it offers a sense of existing, of being, knowing without needing to be connected to anything else, it is accepted, and the sensation of looking will live on in the memory..

this could be a beautiful thing, but can it ever be an object or subject of art..?

these recent photographs represent some more of my found drawings or found paintings

[images taken from six gravestones in a local churchyard]