on hoping; it’s a pony

Friday 4 June 2010

it’s been about twenty five years since i decided i would be an artist… twenty five is a relevant number today, wikipedia helpfully defines it as ‘the natural number following 24 and preceding 26‘…

in the year 2025 i hope i will still be working as an artist, living in a very big house, making very big work in a very big studio, in the country, but things may work out differently…

i have been thinking alot about art, money and making it as an artist this week (future finances, and other ideas) because my current teaching contract ends in a couple of weeks… however, i will have some new work featured in two exhibitions in july.

i have had four small paintings on canvas selected for a new art exhibition, Norfolk Contemporary Art 2010, at The Forum, Norwich. next up, there will be the exhibition Textures, Traces & Elements (with mixed media artist Hazel Bignell and ceramicist Carol Pask) at Beyond the Image Gallery, which is in the heart of the historic Thornham Estate (a fantastic setting – lots of trees, nature, walks)… but more on those two exhibition events nearer the time.

sometimes i fancifully imagine as i write this that maybe some real people are reading this out of interest – apparently my blog spam widget has saved this blog from over 10,000 spam comments since November 2009  – but i find putting up images and text is (or will be) quite interesting for my good self to read again in the future.

in the meantime, i need to have a bit of a ‘studio clearance’ of my recent experimental series of small abstracts on paper, to settle up so to speak… and instead focus on doing things closer to home – but it has been brilliant having some of these small works on paper fly across the pond…

shown below are some of the paintings in the series of one hundred abstracts in a day (aka chromatids), all at twenty five (in uk pounds) – and they are about twenty five grams in weight (give or take).

these small paintings work best when viewed as part of a series, and they explore my endless fascination with naturally weathered surfaces, but presented here in a more condensed, ordered and sequential way.

please scroll down to view…

you can also contact me at

contact artist

…if you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings.

art for sale - twenty five abstract paintings

art for sale - twenty five abstract paintings

art for sale - twenty five abstract paintings

random reminiscence: i once took a car for a joyride, a toy pedal car that is, a very smart, bright, shiny red car… i was probably about five or six years old and it was the summer holidays as i recall… the car was just parked up (abandoned at teatime) on a lawn outside a large grey-brick house, shaded by trees… i thought i’d take the little red car for a little spin up and down the pavement for a while (a totally irrational act of thrill-seeking) – i think i may even have driven it home, with an unlikely story about just ‘finding it’… it was a very naughty thing to do but it was the most exhilarating drive for a girl; i never really liked ponies…

a pony is a small horse (naturally), but it is also slang for £25, and also cockney-rhyming slang for crap (pony and trap)

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