mouldscapes, in more detail

Wednesday 22 September 2010

nine mouldscapes; these are mixed media on wood panel, 15cm x 15cm x 4cm…

here are three of the panels, photographed at a jaunty angle…

mouldscape I (side-ish view)

mouldscape II (side-ish view)

mouldscape III (side-ish view)

and all nine mouldscape panels, full on…

mouldscape I

mouldscape II

mouldscape III

mouldscape IV

mouldscape V

mouldscape VI

mouldscape VII

mouldscape VIII

mouldscape IX

these small paintings on panel are currently on view in the artworks exhibition at blackthorpe barn,  open daily. 10am – 5pm, 11 September to 3 October 2010…

why only nine? well, i only managed to complete nine in time for the exhibition – i have plans to do at least twenty five… which would give me more opportunity to develop patinas, textures, surfaces, etc – i also like very much working on this smaller scale – they become extra tactile objects – the gaze extends to the touch…

is it real mould? no! i would never entertain any kind of mould in the house – it can be deadly – no, these are  just creatively adapted from nature…

why mould, exactly? am just endlessly fascinated by things that are simultaneously beautiful, a little bit ugly in the wrong context (or eyes) and equally a little bit in awe of, not quite knowing if it is good or bad, a sign of life or death…  it’s quite existential stuff, really…

perhaps they also act as visual antidotes to all things sterile and clinical in our western culture – and the persistent culture of fear that the media (especially the daily mail) continually perpetuates – and the environmental pollution and health issues that evolve as a result of seeking to eradicate all signs of a natural, biological world… have i said this before? nature is quite cruel really, we must respect its ecology…

5 thoughts on... mouldscapes, in more detail

  1. Lisa

    These are beautiful, such a rich patina, if I saw them in a gallery I confess I would want to touch them. I know this might sound odd but do you use a heatgun to get those textures?

  2. Jazz

    thank you, lisa!! no, it’s not an odd question, very astute… yes i have done in the past but not on these particular small pieces – more painterly monoprint/type, layered transfer techniques, with acrylic/chalk gesso… in the past, have used sanders, heatguns, squeegees, scribes, etc, but it is sometimes more appropriate to work in more delicate & refined ways…

  3. serban iuca

    Great,your work.J’aimerais bien le voir en realite (“live”).Moi aussi je suis tres interesse dans les questios de la materialite picturale.Felicitations et merci.Serban

  4. Jazz

    In Google translation: Great, your work. I’d like to see in reality (“live”). I too am very interested in the materiality of painting questios. Congratulations and thank you. Serban

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