more cloudbusting

Saturday 3 October 2009

had no plans to sketch outdoors today, but windy weather and turbulent skies beckoned… one of four studies, this one is in graphite and conte pastel… very breezy, soil from the recently ploughed fields gathered up into brief dust storms (no rain for weeks), clouds moving laterally very fast, sun intermittent, quite dark, slithers of light… a day best described as bracing… on the beaufort scale maybe a strong breeze, umbrella use becomes difficult

sketchbook drawing - cloud study

[sketchbook… another cloud study]

sketchbook drawing - looking at clouds

[cloud study… detail 1 ]

sketchbook drawing - clouds - studies in graphite and conte pastel

[cloud study… detail 2]

sketchbook drawing - clouds study - graphite and pastels

[cloud study… detail 3]

and lastly, the original sketchbook page; what a little judicious cropping can do to an untidy image….

sketchbook - sky cloud drawings

[cloudy study… in sketchbook]