meet the brushes

Monday 30 August 2010

from the artist’s personal collection of not so fine paintbrushes, used and abused…

[a very worn out paint brush]

[an artist’s paint brush showing signs of heavy use]

[another brush, held together by some wire]

[two paint-covered brushes in front of a painting]

[a very worn out brush]

[a brush in fair to good condition, in front of a painting]

[a paintbrush with a stray hair]

[a paint-speckled paint brush]

[another paint brush]

[a very useless paint paint brush, kept purely for its comical value]

wasting time whilst watching paint dry… actually, i will be doing an artist demonstration at the artworks exhibition, where i will use brushes and other methods to create textured surfaces in painting…

last chance to seerebirth at the Art 1821 gallery – the exhibition runs until 8 september 2010…

current exhibition… i have some collagraph prints in the breaking ground exhibition at the harleston gallery, 28 august to 25 september 2010…

coming up: the 11th annual artworks exhibition 11 September to 3 October 2010