2 thoughts on... little house

  1. jazz

    just received a copy of the artworks exhibition catalogue in the post. it’s great to see and read, especially how others express the motivations/ideas behind their artwork alongside the images.

    i decided to write a short ‘poem’ to accompany my catalogue image. it seemed right [appropriate] to express some of my influences/experiences in this manner… the rhythm of words, travelling to places, fragmentary thoughts or experiences along the way, fleeting glances, this way and that, out and about, homeward bound, broken lines on the road echoed in the structure of the poem. maybe some other meanings/things could be inferred…

    art in all its manifestations involves self-expression, and i thought that the visual & textual elements might relate in some way.

    remembering that wayback i used the phrase “distillations of landscape” to ‘explain’ some large paintings, but now it sounds a little too precise and intentional, slightly uppity, although it is in there.

  2. jazz

    …it felt right to try [to compose a poem], and the catalogue page couldn’t be entirely empty of words.

    maybe it’s a complete clunker!

    [i hope not]

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