lichen drawings

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some small lichen drawings (or illustrations perhaps), 15cm x 15cm, all ink pen on paper, on pages in a sketchbook… adapted (and distorted) from some cropped and enlarged photographs… lichenscapes…

A style of drawing inspired in part by the histology illustrations in biology textbooks, which I find fascinating…

Here are some of my lichen photographs, taken on a crisp and clear morning a couple of weekends back, visiting three churchyards in the search for interesting lichens [a new species of lichen was apparently discovered at one of them]…

I read online (although I’ve since lost the link to it) that churchyard lichens are sometimes as old as the gravestones on which they silently inhabit… could there ever be a more unintentionally beautiful way of signifying a life after death…?

2 thoughts on... lichen drawings

  1. Susie Harris

    I’m currently in Year 11 studying GCSE art and I’ve just received my exam paper and I’m basing the exam piece on layers and I have to say that your artwork is truely inspiring. Your photographs are fantastic and your drawings such as the Lichens drawn in ink are amazing! I started with no ideas and my teachers told me to research you and I’m so glad I did as your work is amazing :)

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