green light, grey matter

Saturday 2 February 2008

Here is a small detail from one of my latest paintings on panel – and also the original photograph that instigated my foray into black, grey and green…

You can see this painting on my paintings page…
minimalist abstract painting - algae, lichen, fungus, green mould

artist photograph - algae, lichen, fungus, mould

I am not sure if this is an algae, a fungus or lichen (or a combination of organisms – so i’m slightly stuck on a title), but some judicious googling has revealed from Wikipedia that lichen(s) can survive in extreme environments, are used as pollution indicators, provide nutrition for some animals and can survive for hundreds of years, recent research even suggesting that they can survive a short spell in outer space:

after fifteen days the lichens were brought back to earth and were found to be in full health with no discernible damage from their time in orbit.

Quite remarkable, and food for thought…

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