from a lake, seen [in a sketchbook]

Thursday 27 September 2012

from watching the surface of the water on one fine afternoon in late august, two pencil drawings in a very small pocket sketchbook…

sketchbook studies drawings, lake water surfaces
sketchbook drawings, first two are drawn from observation, the rest are drawn from memory and imagination, doodling the pattern of water…

sketchbook drawing lake water ripples
[two pages of a small sketchbook, pencil drawing, 195mm x 141mm]

sketchbook drawings, water, lake, surface, patterns
[small sketchbook pages, drawings in pencil and ink pen]

sketchbook biro drawing water moving
[sketchbook drawing, in biro, 195mm x 141mm]

sketchbook drawings water pattern surfaces
[sketchbook drawings – pen, biro and indian ink pen]

sketchbook drawings water surfaces
[more sketches and drawings from imagination – pen and ink]

it’s a shame there are no mountains nearby…

did i mention that i have some new work in an art exhibition at the moment..? read more about artworks and two (out of twelve) small paintings here. the artworks exhibition finishes this weekend…

artworks 13th annual art exhibition
8th to 30th september 2012
blackthorpe barn
(SatNav IP30 9HZ)

the artworks exhibition is open daily, from 10am to 5pm.

artworks is a professional art group of thirty east anglian artists who organise a showcase exhibition each year at blackthorpe barn.