a february sketchbook

Wednesday 22 February 2012

some drawings and other doodles in my little black sketchbook, done during the month of february. not quite every single page from february, mostly from the last week or so.

artist sketchbook, winter trees, water and abstract patterns, a landscape
[sketchbook, february 2012]

artist sketchbook, hedgerow, woods, tree, bark
[sketchbook, february 2012]

artist sketchbook, trees, roots, landscape, patterns
[sketchbook, february 2012]

artitst sketchbook, abstract patterns, spindly thin trees, bark, wood, logs
[sketchbook, february 2012]

sketchbook, more abstract patterns
[sketchbook, february 2012]

artist sketchbook, forms and patterns in nature, bark, lichen
[sketchbook, february 2012]

these ‘moleskine style’ sketchbooks (which i’ve not used or liked very much before now) seem to go on forever, and the paper is quite thin, creating ghostly, phantom traces of drawings (which i sometimes quite like).

i’ve not yet finished the new work i started in the late autumn. quiet, cold evenings in february are better suited to sketchbook doodling and reading books, don’t you think? with another week to go…

2 thoughts on... a february sketchbook

  1. Lisa

    You’ve had a very productive month! I love having a nosey through sketchbooks and these pages are very interesting. Have you got a recommendation in books? I’m nearly finished Tove Jansson’s ‘Travelling light’ (non art but I love her ‘Summer Book’ so much.) A collection of short stories which has been nice to pick up inbetween a Turner biog.

    I too will be celebrating the end of Febraury. Best wishes.

  2. Jazz

    thank you very much for the comment, lisa

    i’m delighted if anyone considers this is productive as i haven’t had much time lately to focus on ‘painting’ – so i always aim to draw ‘something’ every day as compensation. it’s also interesting to look back at sketches and see how they relate to work, so i thought i’d post some images here for that reason.

    i have no book recommendations as such, but brave new world is what i’m reading right now…

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