days of rain

Wednesday 2 September 2009

the creation of an abstract painting, edgescape : meld/rain 2008…

abstract painting - starting with primed canvas
[stretched canvas, with beginnings of surface texture]

abstract painting - adding washes of colour and creating surface textures
[semi-transparent washes, scrubbed in and dripped, dark blue grey..]

abstract painting - more transparent glazes and thin layers of colour, some removed before dry
[lilac and grey..]

abstract landscape painting - adding more colour, blue grey violet - mist rain
[violet and blue grey, blurred and blended before fully dry]

abstract painting - muted colours of mist and rain
[more vertical washes and layers, scumbled and stippled with a mix of violet, ultramarine, raw umber]

abstract landscape painting - adding more layers of muted misty colours
[lilac pink, blue grey, pale green, trying a achieve a more subtle, misty merging]

abstract painting - merging layers - mist rain grey days
[areas reworked then ‘burnished’ to achieve more subtle blurring of layers]

the painting meld – i now call this painting meld/rain – was an attempt to explore the merging of atmosphere (the ethereal) and lands(scape), about vision, lucidity, depth of field, the horizon, perceptions of surface and distance.

abstract painting - rain winter landscape
[close-up detail of painting surface…]

this detail of the painting meld shows the centre section… meld is a comparatively new word in the English language, a merging of the words melt and weld, both a result of the application of heat, both sculptural, but with contrasting outcomes, in common usage since the 1930’s.

meld was completed between the months of January and March 2008 and it undoubtedly reflected a certain mood of melancholia felt at the time… dull grey light, many days of rain and a dark studio room make for slow, sombre paintings…

for an exhibition catalogue, i said of this work:

‘meld’ evolved from an investigation into the history of eroded surfaces. Within the textures of patina and decay I saw parallel landscapes, evoking the changing weather and seasons, and the effects of natural phenomena such as drought and flood, symbolic of a state of impermanence..

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