Friday 2 October 2009

i purchased a large format landscape sketchbook this week – it’s eco-friendly recycled paper too… took half an hour or so to sketch these, late afternoon… i used graphite stick and loosened with some water and reworked… the paper buckled a bit but it’s just a sketchbook, not a portfolio of finished drawings…

sketchbook drawing - cloud study
[sketchbook… cloud study 1…]

sketchbook drawing - looking at clouds
[sketchbook… cloud study 2…]

sketchbook drawing - clouds - studies in graphite
[sketchbook… cloud study 3…]

clouds are both frustrating and interesting to draw… they slowly morph as you draw them, so that you have to rework what you started according to what has changed, and then the marks become more gestural, more about exploring direction and depth of tone than a truthful rendition – a drawing as a distillation of subtle movement, they become something quite different to the frozen image i had in mind… i started at a point in the middle sky which seemed most interesting.. perhaps a lack of time made me pursue much broader mark-making so that these are not cloudy skies; a small section of the sky was used as a visual starting point but they evolved into something much more expressive and abstract…. all the time i was drawing these i had the lyrics of the doors song in my mind – break on through to the other side, as if trying to find my way out of abstraction rather than a way in….

more cloud studies… graphite and water… taken with low-power flash, so a bit of burn-out on softer tones… am beginning to learn that time of day and type of cloud  (the weather) determines if it stays reasonably still or changes very rapidly…

another study of clouds - a sketch
[cloud study 4 – very quickly done]

more clouds - sketchbook drawing
[cloud study 5 – a bit more time taken on this one]

cloudy sky - sketch in graphite
[cloud study 6]

sky, late afternoon - sketch drawing
[cloudy study 7]

these are a little too scratchy, not soft or hazy enough, rushing – light changing very quickly, last one completed about 5.30pm, with sun very low in sky, a bright glimmer of yellow gold in the swathes of violet blue grey, … found and then lost, the moment gone… also noted that i am working far too big, coarse marks for size of sketch pad, and thus run out of paper… either i buy a large roll of drawing paper and work on the ground, or limit myself to small scale studies using colour pencils and watercolour; the former sounds more exciting…