castles and caravans

Thursday 16 March 2017

CASTLES AND CARAVANS [2] 2016, painted card collage

inc. picture frame: 18cm x 18cm x 4.5cm



collage: 9cm x 8cm

[note the small dimensions of this artwork]

small collage constructed from recycled & painted paper and card fragments, seeking intricate or evocative rural elements, abstracted and distilled from cross-country commutes to a day job: glimpses of fortress farms, scaffolding towers, country piles, black stacks, steely barns – travelling between the picturesque, the industrial and the mundane, the meditative process of collage has become symbolic of an interior journey, from privilege to frugality, the art of making it ‘home’ again…*

*text adapted from an exhibition catalogue statement (July 2016).

why this work? because it represents struggle and fortitude [resilience, endurance, on the road, etc].

one thought on... castles and caravans

  1. Jazz

    exhibiting art can be an expensive hobby. the lesson… the risk if you cannot afford to ‘lose’. today i found out some fellow artists had their works rejected in the first judging round of the RA summer exhibition. it’s ok, if you like a ‘flutter’… new coats & shoes, anyone?

    here i am, testing out the ‘comments form’ with a new layout/design[!] = you never know who may stumble across your artwork work on the world-wide web, and my only hope is that it will not be too crass and pointless compared to all the others.

    also need proper reading spex.

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