artworks exhibition 2016

Thursday 15 September 2016

i am showing some brand new work in this annual art exhibition. last year i wrote a little about the work of some of the other artists. i hope some people will find time to visit this show to see my new work alongside the thirty or so other artists. exhibition open every day to sunday 2 october 2016.

ARTWORKS 17th Annual Exhibition
Saturday 10 September to Sunday 2nd October 2016
Blackthorpe Barn
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 9HZ
exhibition open daily 10am – 5pm. free parking, free admission, free catalogue. artworks shop and café [i have some paintings in the gift shop].


the artists in this exhibition are: Mary Anstee-Parry; Valerie Armstrong; Mike Ashley; Lyn Aylward; Alfie Carpenter; Gillian Crossley-Holland; Cathy D’Arcy; Genista Dunham; Janet French; Chris Gamble; Roger Gamble; Nora Gaston; Jazz Green; Chris Hann; Alison Jones; Eleonora Knowland; Lucy Lutyens; Ruth McCabe; Christine McKechnie; Katie Millard; Elaine Nason; Carol Pask; Anne Paton; Ursula Kit Price Moss; Eileen Revett; Kate Reynolds; Colin Slee; Liz Waugh McManus.

blackthorpe barn: peaceful rural setting, the surrounding woodland is part of the rougham estate. there are designated walks, popular with dog walkers.

2 thoughts on... artworks exhibition 2016

  1. Jazz

    thankyou for visiting my website – please visit this exhibition to see some of my new work in reality – i do not have any work exhibited elsewhere.

  2. Jazz

    dwelling on [house&home!] polite offerings of tea/coffee! ever so slightly discombobulating** because… tiny/intricate works allude to [or arise from] endless hthoughts/feelings about relocation, escape, travelling, pilgrimage, hope/search for a better life, pursuit of happiness – mundane echoes, emptiness, overlooked/disregarded, stuff of life….. re-purposing fragments of paper/card, tiny packaging/boxes, homespun cranky processes & techniques [see ‘patchwork’ works from the 2014 show] towards a sense of refinement… what is missing [the philosophical emotive gaps] expression of contentment/happiness that connects art to the hearts&minds of others. these are the things that keep us awake at night.

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