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Thursday 6 August 2015

it’s august and i am an artist of the month at a very nice restaurant.

below are two of my paintings: edgescape : corros 2008, 90cm x 90cm, and farmscape iii 2010, 60cm x 60cm

[getting ready to go out to the restaurant]


[three paintings in the restaurant]

the textures and hues of edgescape corros seemed harmonious with the month of august: harvest time, ripening fruits, mellow days, sultry summer evenings, colours slowly fading, or transitioning into the colours of autumn. the title corros alludes to corrosion, but i also wanted it to infer the imaginary name of a tropical faraway island. at the time, the motivation behind my edgescape paintings was to evoke memories or sensations of other places, possibly real, or all in the mind…

a little rain must fall sometimes. by september the fields are ploughed once more, back to the cold, dark earth again. farmscape III [as one of a series] alludes to these sparse, minimal, agricultural landscapes.

side note: as i was adding the labels to these paintings, the song ‘golden brown’ by the stranglers started playing on the restaurant’s stereo, a song which is not about the change of the seasons or summer time – but still, what a beautiful, laid-back and chilled tune, it seemed perfectly apposite at the time; i am now listening to it again.

i have seven paintings on display at Duffy & LeBan at Chameleon House restaurant from thursday 6 august to wednesday 2 september, 2015.

Duffy & LeBan Ltd
Chameleon House Restaurant
3 Redenhall Road
IP20 9EN

Duffy & LeBan at Chameleon House opening times:
Tuesdays 10.30am to 2.30pm
Wednesday to Saturday 10.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Sundays 12.30pm – 3.30pm


Chameleon House also has accommodation in the form of three B&B suites and a separate holiday let [a restored 19th century brewery building], which makes it a very nice place to stay.

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  1. Jazz

    i think ‘golden brown’ would have to be one of my desert island discs.

    now going to check out the R4 website to see if anyone else has chosen it. i will report back.

  2. jazz

    thinking about artists [painters] and stripes, because there has been a renewed interest in the work of agnes martin. i have read many of the articles/reviews but have yet to visit the current exhibition at tate modern. quotes by agnes and anecdotes from those that knew her are more intriguing than the critical/curatorial stance.

    also noted [via email]: a new exhibition of paintings by sean scully at the kerlin gallery in dublin = with only horizontal bands of colour.

    a quote from the KG website:

    “The Landline series makes reference to the edge of land. Scully has removed almost all vertical forms from the works to create, in his own words, “a side-to-side motion”. The horizontal band becomes the central motif, mirroring land as it meets sea and air – but far from serene, the works capture movement and energy, showing an increased freedom of brushstroke. Scully’s loose horizontal bands mimic the repetitive yet wholly unpredictable rhythm of the sea, embracing its overlap, irregularity and discontinuousness.”


    reading the text above in relation to scully’s paintings [looking at pixels]… physical proximity to the brisk and vigorous application of bands of colour and their monumental size no doubt adds to the sense of ” a side-side motion”… the pastels on paper are pretty big too.

    think i could do with some of this ‘statement’ bravado – but not use it literally, obviously.

    martin and scully = chalk and cheese.

    not that i am intending to make light of it = different strokes…
    different times / lives / perspectives / places.

  3. jazz

    thinking how presumptuous and self-regarding it is of me to think these paintings could possibly ‘hold their own’ if shown next to an agnes martin or sean scully, size restrictions and small studios aside…

    and yet most artists do this, making comparisons [and judgments]. this also has something to do with the notion of success and seeing art in a particular context, and the critique that surrounds it.

    i guess there are some obvious visual similarities: horizontals, squares, edges… but the idea that one of my paintings could be as good, as ‘valid’ [validated], the intentions and reasons which are not as well articulated or understood… and what seems to be the endless struggle [an unfortunate but necessary cliché] of trying to get to ‘there’…

    and all on a sunday, too [no service]…

  4. jazz

    maybe it’s about coming to an understanding about how one’s work relates to others… and not existing in a vacuum, although sundays often involve some light vacuuming [have i spelt that word correctly?]

    origin of the word ‘misfit’: from 1823, a misfit is a “garment which does not fit the person for whom it was intended”.

    curiously relevant as i often have this issue when buying garments… also recalls a recent incident in a boutique, whereupon enquiring if they had something in my size, the stock response was: “sorry, there’s no call for it”.

    absolutely nothing to do with art, but still…

  5. jazz

    this is what existing mostly in a vacuum is like, having a one-way conversation with one’s self… if only i could get back to being my old self.

    oh wait…

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