an escape from the country

Sunday 17 February 2013

dear reader, do you remember my experimental travelling iCons series from 2010 – where will they go, i often do not know…

three of these small canvases are currently on display at the lovely cork brick gallery, three small canvases looking forward to travelling somewhere new. they are: maroc, nepal and tsavo

small abstract painting printmaking stripes on canvas

tsavo, 2010, 13cm x 13cm x 3cm. read more about this small abstract on canvas, tsavo – another journey into colour

maroc, abstract rustic stripes art small canvas

maroc, 2010, 13cm x 13cm x 3cm. photographed in natural daylight on a typically cloudy day in great britain. read more about this small abstract canvas, maroc – around the world in one hundred abstracts

nepal, small abstract rustic stripes textured canvas

nepal 2010, in the artist’s studio, under the spotlight!

nepal - small abstract textured stripes painting on canvas

nepal 2010, seen on a rare outing to the end of the artist’s garden, where rust and algae grows – it seems at home here, despite the weather. read more about this small abstract on canvas, nepal – painting by numbers

small abstract stripes paintings

tsavo, pueblo (centre, not in the gallery), and maroc.

there are many more small abstracts in the (travelling) iCons series here (with tour guide explanation), and just over there to the right you will see that there are more canvases ready to travel light to new places, in the country or the city.

why is it always about the art on show in cities, in new york, london, berlin..? oh wait, i forgot, that’s how this virtually travelling project started – seeing the world, taking a virtual holiday, on an internet road trip, a small break from the norm, getting away from it all, on a (not so) grand tour, an escape from the country*

*escape to the country is a BBC daytime TV property series in which prospective house buyers hunt for their perfect home in the countryside. as a nation of people living quite close together on quite a small island, we quite like watching property & travel shows.

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.

Paul Theroux (travel writer)