a tranquil gaze

Monday 29 June 2009

after the hustle bustle of the art trail weekend, it was a welcome break to travel to salthouse to install my piece for the salthouse art exhibition…. having only ventured to salthouse a couple of times before, i am beginning to wonder if it is perpetually shrouded in an ethereal mist… as we travelled northwards, about ten miles from our destination, a mist appeared, and, unlike the mist of winter which descends slowly, silently and is usually quite still, this mist arrived in waves, moving in smoke-like drifts across the fields…

north norfolk mist over fields

small paintings for salthouse 09 art exhibition in salthouse church July 2009

[saltscapes i – xxv] 100cm x 100cm, gesso and mixed media on wood panel, installed for the exhibition salthouse 09

the mist scarcely dispersed along the winding coastal road, and became even denser as we neared salthouse village… later, taking a short walk across the salt marshes to the sea, from the vantage point of the high shingle bank, all evidence of salthouse the village was erased by the silvery greyness, and looking north, east and west the mist quietly enveloped, obliterating the sea horizon, a sense of direction briefly lost but a strange sense of immensity gained, a vaporous cocoon of immeasurable calm…

salthouse beach in mist
[salthouse beach, june 2009]

a tranquil gaze, discovered in the humblest of eyes, are the artisans of immensity (the poetics of space, gaston bachelard)

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  1. David Page

    The grey text is aesthetically pleasing, but it makes reading more difficult for my beady old eyes. Could you make it a bit stronger? Love D

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