a sign of the times

Wednesday 4 February 2015

i thought i would take a quick snapshot of my studio space this evening, a small glimpse of the current artwork in progress (it is completed, i just need to paint the sides of the wood blocks and then make a large box/crate for them), when this happened:



quick as a [camera] flash, i took it as a sign [that maybe it shouldn’t be seen, just yet].



but it’s a good sign. the large artwork i have been working on will soon pass from this place to another place.

i have also just completed my postcards for the RCA’s Secret art exhibition. there’s no sneaky peek of those here – it’s a secret!

i also heard an owl hooting outside. i am definitely more of a night owl when it comes to studio time.

5 thoughts on... a sign of the times

  1. Jazz

    and another [small] think…

    i now have two painting spaces. the one [not pictured!] which is an old school desk – and another area where i have a trestle table and shelves – AND now i have a big expanse of wall for pictures and other stuff… it’s a pity about the drawing board, but it was such a brute.

  2. Jazz

    still here… there’s more white wall space in the other corner by the trestle table, but i can’t reach it very easily, so that’s that. might be a good place to hang some paintings.

    the other wall is taken up with more shelves of art stuff (i thought i’d sorted through this stuff?), and then there’s a ‘paper’ cupboard which is old-fashioned and chunky, but i like it… then, there’s my small printing press, and an easel (that i rarely use), and a step-ladder, and a filing cabinet… more stuff!

  3. Jazz

    still here, in my studio! still self-absorbed!

    just checked my postcards under ‘the boards’; think i’ll leave ’em for a day.

    feeling hungry. might carry on reading morrissey’s ‘autobiography’. only up to p.137, but it’s a very amusing read [so far]. he has an artist’s temperament.

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