a minor road painting incident

Monday 7 February 2011

recently spotted in a small norfolk town with an unfortunate name, and i had the camera to document the road works in progress…

double yellow lines - minor found abstract painterly incident on the road

a council roadworker with an keen eye for absolute precision in road painting, even if it doesn’t entirely match… i was left briefly pondering, is this normal for norfolk*..?

more double yellow lines - line paintings seen on the road

but this wasn’t the only painterly road incident. further along this minor road there was another occurence of fresh double yellow line painting… what would this exact colour be in pantone..?

double yellow lines roadworks - abstract paintings

it seems that council yellow comes in many shades, or else it fades very quickly…

double yellow lines - painting abstract art

and sometimes remedial action is taken later on, in trying to match the original colour…

double yellow lines painted on the tarmac - abstract art

but i am saving my favourite photograph for last… here in close-up, a unique road work composition in a medley of mellow (and not so) yellow hues, wonderfully crackled textures and mismatching layers, subtly embossed by the pattern of tyre treads, my found painting (or print) of the day…

this image has some definite kerb appeal and more than enough art historical references, should one wish to analyse it any further…

double yellow lines textures - tarmac -abstract painting

this post is written with much reference to and respect for the artist over at the aesthete’sfoot blog, aka the opposite of tomato, an artist who has brought an intriguing, conceptual dimension to what could be loosely termed ‘creative kerb crawling’  in his two years (or more?) drawing project, to visually document discarded drinks cans in all their myriad convoluted, crumpled and flattened forms – see also the curious incidents of the double black (not yellow) lines.. he now calls himself the darjeeling fop… well, that’s the line painting finished – time for a brew..?

*normal for norfolk; a somewhat derogatory slang term used by medics, often shortened to NFN, as a means to identify in the Doctor’s patient’ notes that the unusual symptoms or behaviour presented maybe the result of the patient being, relatively speaking (so to say), someone wuss abit darf, nut roight in the hed

7 thoughts on... a minor road painting incident

  1. Jazz

    dear reader,

    may i also draw your attention to some other posts that reference the accidental or ‘found’ art/painting/drawing (or even sculpture), those posts that i can immediately recall…





  2. charlie

    Those bloody council painters – using cheap pigments of non-archival quality (!!!!!) LOL

    Have you heard of Kenneth Draper? I’ve recently discovered his work……..

  3. Lisa

    Maybe the council painters are fans of Sean Scully? They are strangely attractive images….. I’m off to go kerb spotting, see you there ;o)

    By the wayside.. I love the papier mache vessels.

  4. Jazz

    charlie: many thanks for the comment… i was quite impressed by the precise finish (in the second photo) – close attention to detail being one of my benchmarks…

    i should just say that i used ‘normal for norfolk’ here in the context of something unique, surprising, unusual or unexpected. the phrase has now been (re)used by norfolk county council as a marketing/branding slogan because the county is a centre of international research (climate studies, life sciences), has lots of wildlife, interesting waterways, vast marshes, stunning coastlines & quite breathtaking skies (coz it’s quite flat)… ‘world class: [it’s] normal for norfolk’!

    archival seems to be a bit of a buzzword everywhere these days – i admire the archival quality of plastic bags, they’re indestructible!

    and yes… i have heard of him… hope it inspires you

  5. Jazz

    lisa, many thanks

    scully: good call…!! although i think scully would be quite hopeless at painting a sharp edge(!)… i like his prints best, the paintings not so much these days…

    thank you also for the compliment on the papier mache bowls… i was beginning to think i was becoming a little bit cranky or eccentric in making them

  6. Andy Parkinson

    I love the Road Paintings. Though I feel sure that we’re appreciating them for something quite differnt than what the ‘artist’ intended, something about the purpose of the colour remains interesting (to me anyway)

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