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shades of grey, in another exhibition

Friday 5 February 2016

It’s all right
Unless you’re either lonely or under attack.
That strange effortful
Repositioning of yourself. Laundry, shopping,
Hours, the telephone—unless misinformed—
Only ever ringing for you, if it ever does.
The night—yours to decide,
Among drink, or books, or lying there.
On your back, or curled up.

An embarrassment of poverty.

[Night by Michael Hofmann]

gratitude to the person or persona [unknown] bringing this poem/poet to my attention… it struck a chord.

paint and gesso on plywood, in oak frame [2008-2011, 33cm x 33cm]

as mentioned previously, september 2012:


the small painting above [on the kitchen wall] – shades of grey – is currently on show at Cork Brick Gallery [it’s one of three slow paintings – two reds and white stripe – all begun sometime in 2008]

Cork Brick Gallery and Antiques
6 Earsham Street
NR35 1AG
Tel: 01986 894873

[floorboards under my desk]

i don’t know what to paint next…